Josue Tirado

I, Josue Tirado CFII, dreamt of flying since I was around 10 years old. When I moved to Ohio, then 24 years old, I looked into the possibility of flying but was financially unable to commence the flight training. I placed my dream so far in memory that I totally forgot about my childhood dream.

At age 34, I started a Land Surveying business. (another childhood dream). While on a business development seminar, now 40 years old, I was given an exercise. This exercise consisted in closing my eyes and recall forgotten dreams. I refused at first since I believed I had been really fortunate in life to have achieved all the wishes of my heart. However, I decided to participate. I closed my eyes and there it was that all forgotten flying dream. The next day, I found a flight instructor and started ground school training.

I achieved my Private Pilot license at age 42. I was so excited, I purchased my first aircraft. With this aircraft, I kept pursuing more ratings and today I am an FAA Certified:

Advanced Ground Instructor -AGI,

Certified Flight Instructor -CFI,

Certified Flight Instructor Instruments -CFII,

Commercial Pilot.


If you have always dreamt of flying, please allow me to be your ground instructor and help you to start achieving your goals.

Let me help you achieve one of your dreams, “ the dream of flight”.


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