Ground School

What Is it!

It’s my goal to provide flight instruction lessons of significant value and content with a final goal in mind, that you would be signed off to take the FAA knowledge test.

When learning to fly, we have to modify both our motor skills as well as our thinking. It differs from driving in the sense that now you are concern with a third dimension not considered when we drive. You need to learn theory and then put this knowledge  to practice.

In ground school we as flight instructors use this time to answer any question from previous studies or flight lessons. We also use this time before flight to debrief the student. Debrief is where we explain the objective of todays flight lesson, what we are going to do and how it works.

After we land and secure the plane comes some more ground school. We use this time to go over the lesson we just finished. We point out both qualities and deficiencies in the flight. We could also use this time to assign next class reading and or studies.

Ground school takes place to and from the plane so ask questions.

As you study at home write down your question so you do not forget by the next flight time. If he does not know the answer at the moment you can be sure your flight instructor will find out for you.


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